Yup, I said PLAID…

Inspiration from the interior design world is derived from the fashion industry and as we see a trend on the streets for plaid we are starting to see it in the home as well. Fall and Christmas are great times to start introducing it into your space because nothing says come put your feet up for a cup of hot cocoa like something plaid.


Whether it is a accent toss or a rustic barstool plaid is finding its way into lots of different accessories. At Amazing Space Interiors we feel that the “cold, sparse modern” is on its way out and most people are looking for a space that has more character and more of a “story”. We have been seeing trends over the past few years with mixing the rustic woods with modern metals to add more style to a space, now it’s being taken a step further with faux furs and plaids and really letting your space have a voice.

32 plaid-stools