Interested in the Design world but can’t figure out how to make it kid friendly???

We spend so much time trying to create that edgy mod space, but what about those of us with children? Does it have to stop there? The answer is NO! There are so many ways of bringing your kids into the design world but keeping it fun for them. Gone are the days of pastel kids rooms and creating a muted relaxed atmosphere. Kids are all about creativity and learning, they are little sponges and will soak in their entire surrounds so lets keep it fun, bold and interactive not only child friendly but design savvy as well.

Whats in:

  • Magnetic Chalkboard paint: Doing an accent wall? Why not do it in Chalkboard paint that is also magnetic. Fun for young kids and teens.
  • Funky furniture: check out a few of the items below available at Amazing Spaces, your young decor gurus will love these playful pieces.
  • Bright Colors: Don’t be afraid to be bold with your paint selections,and mix it up.  It just has to be the right tone so it’s not  florescent or harsh.

Need help with your kids space? Check out our Amazing Bundles either the Color Consultation or the Problem Solver can give you a great start at creating the interactive room your little genius needs!