Full Grain vs Top Grain

 Our leather is FULL grain but comes at a price, here is why:

Full grain is the best quality leather there is but it is incorrect to say that top grain is not real leather.

“The difference between full-grain leather and other forms is that the full-grain is top quality. The markings and texture of the hide is what will be seen in the end product. For this reason, no alterations are made to the full-grain leather.

Other leather is often referred to as “top-grain”, which should not be confused with “full-grain” as they are completely different. Top-grain leather is not genuine leather, meaning that the true grain has been sanded and imitation grain added into the “leather”. When full-grain leather is processed further, it becomes what is known as “nap” or “nubuck.” With no protective coat added, wear and tear can happen quickly.”