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July 29.2014

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We pay the tax! Aug 1rst- 22nd On all furniture and home decor orders placed.* We ship to all of Canada. Call the store at 902-407-7211 or email us at for pricing or other questions. Here are some sites below: Sunpan Van Gogh Zuo Monarch *Some exceptions may apply, see in store for details.  

Love, love, love RED!

February 14.2014

By Deborah Rent in Uncategorized

Decorating with red is not for the faint of heart. It’s big, bold and makes a statement. Luscious, sexy and vibrant it’s a colour that puts the fear of cupid’s arrow piercing right through your heart.  But since its Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to stand on my design pulpit and extol […]

Matchy – Matchy makes me crazy crazy

January 23.2014

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      It’s a hard habit to break, and big retailers are enablers. Shame on them. They make it looks so easy, like everyone is doing it.  I’m talking about matching sofa, loveseat and chair sets. It drives me crazy! Sure it makes furniture shopping easy, but I can guarantee that you can do better. If you want your […]

Time for a new Family Room!

January 16.2014

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It’s January and as I write this the temperature outside our design studio is a balmy 8 degrees! It’s rare that the sun shines this warmly at this time of year, so I’m feeling inspired. As decorators and design consultants, sometimes the last place to be decorated is our own house. But today I am feeling […]

Merry Christmas!

December 17.2013

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‘I’m stuck in a snow storm. Traffic is backed up for what seems like miles. I should be miserable, but I’m not. I’m typically rushing from one appointment to the next and have yet to pause and enjoy the Christmas decorations. At this time of year we take the brightly colored   lights, the sparkle and glitter for granted. We see each house decked […]

Spectacular Lighting

December 16.2013

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  Your room is fabulous. It’s decorated perfectly….yet something still doesn’t feel quite right. Well….it could be your lighting. A lot of times when decorating a space, it gets neglected. But proper lighting can take a room from merely pretty to simply spectacular. It’s easy to overlook, especially when it comes to overhead lighting. But […]

Just the Way you Like it! Benefits of Buying Custom-Made Furniture

April 04.2013

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So it’s time to invest in new furniture for your home……. and yes, this can be a daunting task! But it does not have to be. Often when people hear the words “Custom Made” they think  “too expensive”, but in the long run, custom made furniture is actually a better investment for your dollar. Lets […]

wallpaper, wallpaper and more……. Wallpaper

September 16.2012

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As some of us already know wallpaper is the hottest accent tool right now, and the best way to add texture, pattern,color and style to personalize your space. You can use wallpaper in a lot of different ways: Accent walls (most common) Ceilings behind shelving under glass in nook, coffee or end tables simply hanging […]