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Just the Way you Like it! Benefits of Buying Custom-Made Furniture

April 04.2013

By Lisa in Furniture, Lynzie & Carla Designs, Our Store, Uncategorized | Tags

So it’s time to invest in new furniture for your home……. and yes, this can be a daunting task! But it does not have to be. Often when people hear the words “Custom Made” they think  “too expensive”, but in the long run, custom made furniture is actually a better investment for your dollar. Lets […]

Mod Kids

March 11.2012

By Lynzie Smith in Furniture, How 2 Do...Decor tips for YOU!, Uncategorized

Interested in the Design world but can’t figure out how to make it kid friendly??? We spend so much time trying to create that edgy mod space, but what about those of us with children? Does it have to stop there? The answer is NO! There are so many ways of bringing your kids into […]

Do you know your Leather???

August 07.2011

By Lynzie Smith in Furniture, Lynzie & Carla Designs

Full Grain vs Top Grain  Our leather is FULL grain but comes at a price, here is why: Full grain is the best quality leather there is but it is incorrect to say that top grain is not real leather. “The difference between full-grain leather and other forms is that the full-grain is top quality. […]