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Lynz & Carla

Carla & Lynzie are a fabulous mom and daughter duo who have brought their dream of owning their own decorating business to life! What started as a simple passion for design and working out of their homes has grown into a successful business with a team of passionate designers and a retail store. They have even created their own furniture line – Lynzie & Carla designs! This design duo is quickly gaining a reputation for great design coupled with a down to earth approach that puts their clients at ease.


Our Amazing team is taking Halifax by storm! We each have our own personal styles but we’ll never be defined by a signature style. Our portfolio shows a stylistic fluency ranging from kitchy-cool to ultramodern and everything in between.

Lynzie MacIssac- Designer

Lynzie is a free-spirited and energetic decorator with a passion for pushing design limits. Always fascinated by innovations in the industry, Lynzie is your go-to-gal for cutting-edge concepts and unabashed glamour.

New England Patriots, ice cold beer, brushed metal mixed with tempered glass
Long line ups, cabinet doors left open, clutter and impractical furniture
Cutting-edge concepts and unabashed glamour
I believe interior decorating should be an extension of your innermost diva – chic, sophisticated and completely unrestrained. Through the careful use of colour, texture and light, I can maximize any space and truly make it sing!

Carla MacLellan- Designer

Carla combines timeless styling, with comfort and functionality. With a background in accounting, Carla is a rarity in her industry. She understands the numbers and uses her skills to stretch your design budget, proving that even a modest sum can go a long way.

Warm vacations, 6 o'clock martini's, open concept spaces
Slow Drivers, open toilet seats, dusty rose vertical blinds and uncomfortable sofas in family rooms
Classic contemporary with a twist.
For me, brilliant decorators understand the delicate balance between form and function. Yes, a space should look good (or, by our standards: amazing), but it must also work for the client.

Nickey Myatt- Designer

Nickey oversees each step of the design process to ensure an original, comfortable space that brings together function, practicality and visual appeal. Rather than working in a signature style, she develops each design based on the unique personality and lifestyle of her client. She is relentless in the pursuit to find the perfect element to amaze your space!

Open concept floor plans, DIY projects, red wine and sushi.
Double parkers, poorly lit rooms, and overly furnished and crowded spaces.
Eclectic- contemporary; comfortable contemporary furnishings incorporating clean modern lines, with an eclectic approach to accessorizing.
Whether it be a residential or commercial space; Interior decorating should not only reflect style through principles and elements of design, but most importantly, create an expressive reflection of your own personal style or brand

Christina Shunahan- Designer

Christina is a down to earth and energetic designer with a passion for maximizing your space, style and budget. Her clients are her inspiration and she loves to give them their dream space with the magazine look and feel they desire.

Benjamin Moore paint, nautical design, interesting tattoos and caesars.
Wall to wall carpet, disorganized closets, the price of gas and cold weather.
Eclectic with a mix of travel elements.
Through the careful use of colour and texture a space will be timeless, sure trends and accessories change but the bones remain the same.

Sandy Potter-Designer

Comfortable, stylish, practical, elegant, modern or edgy, Sandy will design your space to match your style while showing you how to make your space look like a page from a magazine! She pays attention to fine details and balances form & function to make your space practical and beautiful.

Gardening, red wine and open concept spaces.
Dusty lights, pyjama's in public and un-organized mudrooms.
Transitional, with a touch of old and new.
Every time I give my clients their dream space, I am not only giving them their dream, I am fulfilling mine as well.